Video Clip of L H Mettananda

The end of the video clip shows LH Mettananda and his wife Celia walking in to be greeted by Francis Wickremesooriya (brother of Celia) on the occasion of the Poruwa Marriage Ceremony of his daughter Sujatha, to Upali Dias, son of Arthur V Dias, on 5th June 1946. Francis Wickremesooriya is seen wearing a white suite, and lighting a cigarette earlier in the video clip. – Submitted by Ananda Sumanadasa (nephew of Mr LH Mettananda) and his wife Savithri (daughter of Upali and Sujatha Dias).


Thaththa by Asoka Mettananda

A personal account of the great L H Mettananda by his son, Asoka Mettananda. In it he describes the essence of who the man was from a son’s perspective.