By L. H. Mettananda

Catholic Action by L H Mettananda


Below is the important and brave book, Catholic Action by L H Mettananda. A reply to the Catholic Union of Ceylon. The book was published by The Bauddha Jatika Balavegaya (BJB) in 1963. It has been transferred to digital format and edited by this sites administration. This has required some minor adjustment to its format and the diagrams have been re-created as closely as possible to the original but in a contemporary format.

We would like to acknowledge some key people who contributed to the book during its writing.  Gunaseela Vithanage, Founder and Secretary of the BJB, worked with L H Mettananda in creating the book while contributions were made by Nissanka Wijeyaratne, a Civil Servant and Historian, and Professor K.N. Jayatilleke.

To read the book please click on the link below. You can also download it as a PDF file.

Catholic Action by L H Mettananda


Letters, Papers and Speeches by L H Mettananda

Bellow is a selection of important letters, speeches and papers by the late L. H. Mettananda. Click on the title to open the PDF file for reading and downloading. (Some scanned documents below may take longer to download)

Language Problem

The Ethics of the Language Problem

Sinhalese As The Only State Language Of Ceylon

Microscopic Minority Controls Ceylon’s Education

Microscopic Minority II

Letter to Esmond Wickramasinghe, Director of Lake House Groups of Newspapers

(Letter from Esmond Wickremasinghe, responded to above)

The Factors Detrimental to the Peace of Buddhism in Ceylon

Buddhists Wake Up!

A Conspiracy Against Buddhism

Racial Segregation

An Open Letter To The Prime Minister

What Is This Freedom?

Our Culture And Society

Pseudo Nationalists

Have Our Leaders Any Self Respect?

Wanted, a State University

Why Do We Need English?

Mother Tongue As Medium Of Education

Different Aspects of Educational Medium

The World Bank Mission Report On Education

The Drink Curse

A Tribute to the Late Mr F L Woodward

The Setting for a Dictatorship

The Battle of Vested Interests Against National Welfare

Are New Laws The Reply To Marxist Agitation?

Corruption vs Morality

Poson and its Meaning Today

Mettananda Critics

A Noble Service (SINHALA)

An Extract from the Diary of L H Mettananda 1915 (Sinhala)

Anagarika Dharmapala & Amadyapa (SINHALA)