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Bellow is a selection of important letters, speeches and articles by various authors on L. H. Mettananda and the issues he championed. Click on the title to open the PDF file for reading and downloading. (Some scanned documents below may take longer to download)

The Life of L. H. Mettananda

L H Mettananda – Ananda Years

Funeral of the Late L H Mettananda

The New Industries

LHM – Was He An Extremist?

Educationist and National Patriot

Birth Anniversary of L H Mettananda

Remembering L. H. Mettananda

Ananda Icons 1

Ananda Icons 2 

Ananda Icons 3

Faith in a Swabasha Future

The Thoughts of a Great Reformer

Mettananda – Fighter for Buddhist Rights 1977

Mettananda – Fighter for Buddhist Rights 1994

Languages for Harmony

Light of Ananada – Booklet by Dr K. D. G. Wimalaratne

No Solution

Buddhist National Movement (page 290-316 of Book “Bhava Thanha”) by Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne, 2001

Bandranaikes And The Fifty Six

Down Memory Lane of an “Old” old Anandian

Mettananda The Great Buddhist Revivalist

Mettananda The Builder

Mettananda – He Unleashed Forces of Nationalism

Mettananda – Simplicity & High Ideals

L H Mettananda – A Leader of a Buddhist Revival

The Vision & Mision of L H Mettananda

Nalanda Celebrates 80 Years

Teacher and Nationalist

Mettananda Led New Buddhist Revival

L H Mettananda Leader of a Buddhist Revival I

Death of a Buddhist Leader

L. H. Mettananda – An Extract from a Book by Professor L. G. Hewage (SINHALA)

Educationist and Nationalist L.H. Mettananda I (SINHALA)

Educationist and Nationalist L.H. Mettananda II (SINHALA)

Educationist and Nationalist L.H. Mettananda III (SINHALA)

Mettananda’s Service to the Buddhist Cause (SINHALA)

Mettananda Politics (SINHALA)

Richmond College Galle (SINHALA)

Selfless L.H. Mettananda (SINHALA)

Ananda Influence on My Role as Head of Army (SINHALA)

LH Mettananda Federal Business (SINHALA)

About My Father By Chandragupta Mettananda (SINHALA)

Mettananda The Intellectual Who Served Politics of the Day (SINHALA)

Thoughts About Ananda By War Heroes (SINHALA)

Father of 1956 L H Mettananda (SINHALA)

My Father Devoted His Entire Life to the Country, Religion & Education (SINHALA)

Patriot Mettananda Was a Noble Sinhalese Man (SINHALA)

The British Have Left This Country But There Is Now a New Generation of Black Englishmen (SINHALA)

It is Time to Awaken the Voice of Mettananda (SINHALA)

L. H. Mettananda I Knew (SINHALA)

Patriotic Buddhist Educationist L H Mettananda (SINHALA)

Mettananda at Ananda (SINHALA)

The Brave Leader Who Worked For the Country (SINHALA)

Mettananda – A Leader of the Buddhist Cause (SINHALA)

Loving Kindness of Mettananda (SINHALA)

Mettananda of Ananada Passes Away (SINHALA)


L.H. Mettananda – Priceless Service to Buddhism (SINHALA)

Remembering L H Mettananda (SINHALA)

Appreciating Mettananda (SINHALA)

The Last Journey of Mettananda (SINHALA)

L H Mettananda – Power to the Country (SINHALA)

Step Mother Treatment for Sinhala Buddhists I (SINHALA)

Step Mother Treatment for Sinhala Buddhists II (SINHALA)

Step Mother Treatment for Sinhala Buddhists III (SINHALA)

Mettananda – The Intellectual Who Paved the Way for the Nation (SINHALA)

Sinhalese People of Sri Lanka (SINHALA)

Sacrificing Buddhists (SINHALA)

The National Cause (SINHALA)

Mettananda Who Gave His Life to Buddhism (SINHALA)

Book Extract About L. H. Mettananda (SINHALA)

Selfless L. H. Mettananda (SINHALA)

Mettananda Who Fought to Develop the Future of Country (SINHALA)

Five Forces for the Country (SINHALA)

Introduction to Mettananda Lipi by Manoj Abayadeera 2006 (SINHALA)